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  • Katie Parker
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  • July 9, 2016
  • Hi! In case you didn’t know my name is Katie and I make origami mobiles, ornaments, bouquets, jewelry and paper inspired items (paper covered frames and such).  This website is still very new and is still in the very early stages. For the moment you can not buy from this site but I have my tech department working on that.  Oh and by tech department I mean my hubby who is building and maintaining this site.  But if you are interested in getting more information on anything I make,  would like to buy, or just want to say hi please contact me here on this blog or email me at katiemadecrafts@gmail.com.  I have active stores on both Etsy and Amazon so if you want to head there to buy please do.  Or just browse that’s good too! Check my store links below.  Thanks for stopping by!


    Katiemade Origami Designs on Etsy

    Katiemade Origami Designs on Handmade at Amazon

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