For the love of origami!

I've always been in love with traditional origami paper and origami. I've slso been a scrapbooker and crafter since I was little as well. When I was in college getting my Masters and then working as a teacher I didn't have a lot of time for crafts. I did however teach students some simple origami to help with dexterity and listening skills. It was there that I fell in love with origami. But when I decided to stay home to raise my children I had more time on my hands. I got back into scrapbooking and started trying more and more crafts. Around 2009 I stumbled upon Etsy. At first I just browsed around and bought a few things but then the idea that maybe just maybe I could sell my crafts started to take root. So I started slowly with a few frames and origami kusudama flower balls. It took awhile to get the hang of things and find my niche. But I've found it and I can truly say it's a labor of love. I enjoy getting creative and coming up with new mobiles or ideas. But I really truly love custom orders for my mobiles, kusudama balls, boutonnieres and bouquets . I love interacting with customers and getting to know them and creating unique one of a kind pieces for their nurseries, homes and weddings. It gives me a chance to work with new color combinations and papers which is so much fun!

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